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Shadowmourne Video Tutorial

I’ve always dreamt about building my own Shadowmourne and now it’s finally finished! Check out my video to see how I build this awesome axe from scratch.

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You want to make armor yourself? It’s really easy! I’ve released three books as well as female and male armor pattern collections to help you get started on this awesome hobby!

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Daily Costume Progress

If you want to see what I am up to as well as all my costume progress just visit my Facebook page. I update every day with tutorials, photo-shoots or other interesting things!

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Shadowmourne – No time for farming!

Shadowmourne – No time for farming!

While making costumes is super fun, I especially enjoy building cool looking things in general. One of these “things” was actually the legendary axe “Shadowmourne” from World of Warcraft which always made me wonder how it would look in real life. Also it was just faster to build it in my workshop in just a few weeks instead of farming it in-game for months, ha ha! Note: Before following the making of Shadowmourne it’s a good idea to watch my video on Youtube. It was quite hard to film AND photograph every single step, so it’s easier to understand everything by checking out both! Thanks! For the base I exported the original WoW 3D file with the WoW Modelviewer to a program called Pepakura Designer. This little tool allows you to edit and lay out a 3D model and print the surfaces out on paper. To make everything a bit more simple I asked a friend to get rid of the skull on the back and front of the axe.   I usually prefer to start with the most difficult part of a prop – in this case the front blade, which I wanted to completely illuminate. So I printed out the model (isolated it from the rest of the axe first in a 3D program) and transferred the pattern to a 2mm thin translucent PVC foil. To glue all parts together, I used simply some translucent tape. The build was super wobbly and sensitive but strong enough to be filled with some Crystal Clear resin from Smooth-On. Since I don’t own a pressure chamber the resin cured out with countless tiny air bubbles in...

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